Beauty Portraits & Fake Eyelashes

Melisa LaVergne

This doesn’t have anything to do with the outdoors, but it was certainly an adventure. It’s what happens when you tell Twitter you need a new professional headshot. A friend alerted me that Lindsay Wynne Photography was “looking for more models, free beauty/glamour photoshoot.” After I stopped laughing at the notion, I responded: “Do I count as a model?”

Melisa LaVergne

what I look like most of the time

I’m not saying I’m unattractive. I just tend toward the low-maintenance end of cute librarian. I wear makeup most days, but only lightly. As one friend said, “That’s not makeup, Mel. That’s gold dust.” I also don’t invest a lot of money in my wardrobe — just can’t justify the expense as a single mom with kids to clothe.

So one Saturday in February, off I went to get dolled up. Professional makeup artist Brie Reeder pulled out the big guns – fake eyelashes, a curling iron, hairspray – things I normally reserve for Halloween. And my wardrobe consultant for the day, Ashley Poindexer, helped me squeeze into a dress at least one size too small.

I got to pick four images from the session, and below are the results. I avoided washing my hair for two days, because I just couldn’t part with those ringlets. I didn’t know my hair could hold curl for more than an hour! Hairspray is miracle glue! Not that I’m going to buy any. Psht.

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